Noreastcon 2015

Images of models at Noreastcon

Held Saturday, May 2, 2015 / 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Polish Community Center
225 Washington Ave Ext.
Albany, NY 12205

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An After Action Report – Thoughts from Chairman Loder

The dust has settled from Noreastcon 2015. Here are my thoughts on the show.

Out with the old, in with the new …

When IPMS/NENY discussed the idea of holding a Regional Convention in 2015, we knew that the old model, which we originated in 1972, was no longer productive. The traditional two-day approach has disadvantages to both attendees and vendors and we needed to try to combine the best parts of the old-style convention with a more modern approach. We decided that a one day event at a venue closer to our Capital District home base (our previous location was about 30 miles away, near Schoharie, NY) would help keep the cost of attendance lower for everyone.

Because the Polish Community Center had been used for a variety of specialty shows (such as toy collector shows, etc.) it seemed to have all the key advantages: central location, amenities, and reasonable cost. It was especially budget-friendly because table rental was included. Since I had not been inside in many years, I admit that when I entered on Friday to help with the set-up, I was extremely pleased with the modern, brightly lit spaces that greeted me.

Set-up on Friday was a great deal easier than in the past because the venue also set up and spotted the tables. This allowed us to concentrate on the tasks of adding leg-extenders, covering the tables, and putting up the contest category cards, as well as organizing the raffle table and our Club’s sale table. As usual, a good turn-out of our gang got the job done quite rapidly.

Attendance numbers …

There was no pre-registration and sign-in for both registrants and visitors on Saturday went smoothly, clearly assisted by registrants being able to prepare and print their paperwork in advance.  The final count of attendants included 66 registrants and 82 visitors.

The total number of entries was 378, although considering collections, triathlons, and dioramas, the number of models on the tables was probably closer to 440-450. Happily, the contest went largely well, although, truth be told, the number of entries in some classes, noticeably ships, was disappointing.

Awards were given out to the applause of the attendees.

To our vendors: Thank you!

Let me take this opportunity to thank our vendors, who got up early and traveled a considerable distance to show their wares in an era when more and more vendors are reluctant to travel long distances, often including hotel stays, for just a few hours’ sales. One I spoke to (all right, Dana Bell, a founding member of IPMS/NENY, who slept on my living room floor Friday and Saturday) was quite pleased with his sales’ results.

Success of the raffle table not just by chance …

One of the important features of Noreastcon 2015 was the raffle, conducted once again by our own Paul Jendzeizyk and his entire family. Their expert management of both the raffle table and the Club’s sale table allowed other IPMS/NENY members to sell their surplus kits while working on other aspects of the event.

The successful raffle, which included donations from IPMS/NENY member Steve Zaloga and IPMS Northern New Jersey’s Mike Dobrzlecki, as well as from the local HobbyTown USA among many others, was one of the things which kept us in the black.

End notes …

Thanks to hard working Club members, break-down also went well, which was an excellent thing, as a wedding was scheduled to take over the venue at 5:00 pm.

I’ve received calls and notes of thanks and congratulations from our friends in Virginia, New Jersey, the Hudson Halley, and Long Island. Everyone in IPMS/NENY can take a well-earned bow for hard work which paid off in a week-end of friendship and modeling enjoyment!

Art Loder
Noreastcon 2015 Chairman
May 16th, 2015

Contest Info

Special awards for:

  • Best destroyer/destroyer escort – any scale, period, or nationality
  • Best Polish subject – any class and/or period
  • Best WWI aircraft
  • Best of each category
  • Judges Best in Show
  • Chairman’s Award – recognizing not only craftsmanship, but enthusiasm and creativity in modeling

Fill out your contest entry forms in advance and bring them with you.

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